Article Writing Formula

Have you ever suffered from writer’s block? Me too and I am no Hemmingway, but perhaps closer to Mark Twain with a storyteller personality. I am much the story teller, that is my style. My words come out of my mouth and make sense but it is much more challenging to write them down in a logical fashion.

Writing and submitting articles is a popular way to market products, services and build brand awareness on the Internet. Once you get things systemized it can be a sustainable marketing strategy for getting back links and interior links. Everyone always says that we need to write articles to improve, but how many of us actually know how to do it? Do we know what makes a good or not so good article? Do we have the ability to get past our own writers block? Well, I know your pain and hope to make it easier by sharing with you my formula for successful articles.

So lets get started.

While learning any new marketing strategy, I personally learn the technique first before I outsource to others. This allows me to document all the steps as I go and connect the dots in my initial strategy, as well as tweak my system. If I hit a roadblock, I find experts and try to study and emulate their systems. Next, I take what I have learned from other successful people, refine my strategy and wash, rinse and repeat.

So, in the beginning, I wrote my own articles.
*This is a 5 part series outlining my personal formula for writing article. Please come back later this week and I will be releasing the other parts daily.

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