Internet Marketing strategies that actually WORK

As a consultant and business coach I am always looking for the latest, most advanced internet marketing strategies that work.

I always want to learn from someone who has been in the trenches and done the deal. There is a lot of noise out there, how is one supposed to sort through the random garbage and find the real truth about internet marketing strategies that really work?

Sometime ago, I joined an apprentice group and was taught first-hand by Brad Fallon. Brad was able to pack enough information into a three day weekend so that today I am earning a six figure business in internet marketing, working part-time in my business.

That's right, I said part-time.

Until then, there's never been another opportunity that comes close. Brad has not offered another boot camp like this since he launched the popular internet marketing membership site, StomperNet. I joined that too, btw.

For me intensive training has the greatest learning impact. Not to mention, the event I am about to share with you also comes with:

case studies
sample contracts
power points
business cards
operations manuals
pitch books
online presentations
sales videos

and MOST importantly

SEO Pro Certification and website!

Interesting, you say! What is the catch. Well, to be quite frank, there ARE 2 downsides to this event….
1. They are only accepting 100 applicants, then closing the doors.
2. The Live Boot Camp takes place July 22-25, 2010 and so you really don't have time to THINK IT OVER.

With that being said, I would hate for you to kick yourself in the seat of the pants and regret forever that you did not take immediate action, so here's the link to the SEO Pro Consulting Boot Camp and I hope you get this before they close the event.

Kindest Regards,

Joyce Brister

PS This event is now over and the link has been removed. Sorry.

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